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Gather Co Texture Guide

Here at Gather Co we want to ensure that the gap between your screen and our surfaces is bridged. As such, we have developed this Texture Guide to provide a general understanding of the finishes across our collection and to offer a sense of the ‘feel’ you can expect from each variety.

*Please note: This is intended as a guide only. Some surfaces may sit outside the prescribed finish as stated below. It is not a Slip Rating, you’ll find that in the “Resources and Installation” section at the bottom of each product page.

Type of Finish
Polished A mirror-like shine accomplished by using progressively finer grit during the polishing process.
Brushed Brush finishing involves exposing stone surfaces to a rotating wire brush, simulating natural wear over time.
Honed A honed finish is achieved by applying a polishing head with a coarse grit fitting.
Sawn After initial cutting, the stone is lightly polished to remove the heaviest saw marks but, not enough to achieve a fully honed finish.
Acid Washed Acid washing is an exfoliation process where a chemical reaction is used to flake away at the stone’s surface.
Flamed A flamed finish is achieved through heating the surface of stone to extreme temperatures, followed by a rapid cooling process – leaving a textured, unrefined consistency.
Sand Blasted Sand blasting is the process of forcibly propelling streams of course material against a stone surface to smoothen or roughen it.
Chisseled A chiselled finish is achieved when metal combs are run over stone to form a unified grooved surface.
Natural A natural finish refers to stone in its raw state. It is reached through a combination of various geological conditions and prolonged environmental/atmospheric exposure.
Tumbled Tumbling is a secondary process applied in addition to one of the primary finishes. It is used to alter the edge detail of stone and typically results in reduced surface coarseness. Most commonly, tumbling is achieved by combining both stone pieces and aggregate inside a rotating rubber lined.
Bush Hammered This process employs either simple hand-held hammers or large electric implements. The method works through repeated surface impacts with a large metal slug made up of uniformed conical points.
Convict Picked A traditional stone treatment historically undertaken by convicts in Australia where steel crafting tools are repeatedly struck against the stone surface to achieve a moderate to heavily textured finish.
Split Splitting is achieved by mechanically or hand fragmenting stone, exposing a natural cleft and heavily textured finish.

Gather Co Rating Guide

Gather Co specialises in trading repurposed and antique fixtures. The matured nature of these genuine artifacts means that every piece comes in a distinct condition. We’ve developed this rating guide to help you quickly assess the level of wear associated with each selection.

One Star
These pieces are beautiful although their application must be carefully considered. Structural integrity is compromised.
Two Star
Likely presence of both structural faults and obvious superficial blemishes. Repairs evident.
Three Star
Minor structural issues and/or noticeable levels of wear.
Four Star
Firm structural integrity. Moderate signs of wear.
Five Star
Signs of wear still evident but, well preserved. Structurally sound.
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Gather Co. - WAFA
Gather Co. - WAFA Gather Co. - WAFA Gather Co. - WAFA




Indicates a low lead-time item

Indian Copper Apple Planter

Indicates a low lead time item.

Lead Time: 1 Week

This time frame is a guide only and subject to change.
More Information
This product has accessories.

Inspired by the attractive shape of newly ripened apples, Gather Co first discovered the Wafa while on a trip through Jaipur in Rajasthan. Wafa’s smoky finish and unique style make’s it ideally suited as a design fixture for both indoor and outdoor use.

Crafted by hand and delivered exclusively by Gather Co, the Wafa is the perfect example of traditional design reimagined with new purpose and potential.

• Handmade and exclusive to Gather Co.

• Copper with smoky finish.

• Available in various sizes.

• Indoor and outdoor.

Gather Co.
Gather Co.

In India, the turban is referred to as a "Pagri", which translates to "the headdress". 


for your projects

More Information


New Delhi - A cosmopolitan city, New Delhi is more than the capital of India, it is a thriving metropolis with a multi-cultural heartbeat. Nominated as the capital as recently as 1911 it blends British architectural designs with an Indian influence across its sporting, cultural and historic characteristics.


Copper - Largely used as a conductor of heat and electricity, Copper is highly malleable due to its soft composition – making it ideal for use in construction. It is a naturally occurring element present in the Earth's crust in a proportion of about 50 parts per million.

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