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Tiles for Smiles
Tiles for Smiles
We’re bringing dental care to the school children of Bosnia.
Tiles for Smiles
Pave the Way
Bring a smile to a child’s face when you purchase from The Malina Family product range.
Tiles for Smiles
Our Contribution
The total volume of tiles sold each month equates to a donation per square-meter to cover the cost of continued dental care for a new group of children.
Tiles for Smiles
Make a Dent–ure
It is our mission to prevent and cure dental health issues in underprivileged children, starting in Bosnia. Helping us achieve this goal, you play a significant role in the life quality and education of our future leaders.

Have you ever tried to do something with a serious tooth ache?

A lack of access to education is one of the primary factors attributing to poverty. In Bosnia, children’s school attendance is impacted upon due to chronic dental health issues.

In short, dental pain is having a negative effect on their education and could see them grow up to live below the poverty line.

Gather Co’s initiative, Tiles for Smiles wants to deal with this issue head-on by providing dental healthcare for children in need.

To be eligible for the Tiles for Smiles program, children must be of school age, currently unable to afford dental care and must actively attend school or have a disability preventing them from doing so. After an initial check up, each child will receive ongoing treatment necessary to safeguard against dental disease throughout their education.

By introducing 5-6 children into our program per month, we will have a greater impact on the learning ability of each participant, and ultimately positively influence their community.


As a qualified practitioner, Dentist Ajla Lepir, founder of DentAL Studio and a local member of the community is highly passionate about dental health in young children - seeing the detrimental affect it has on learning first hand.

With Ajla’s help, we have developed a streamlined set of procedures to ensure that once a child becomes a part of Tiles for Smiles, they receive ongoing dental care. Through this partnership, we are able to track each check up and treatment received, so we can share these results with you.




"Despite being preventable, tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic disease affecting children across the globe today. It continues to cause a significant economic and social burden to the child, their family and disadvantaged communities as a whole." 

Source: World Health Association
Tiles for Smiles